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The Producers role:

To produce a winning album/project you need to know what goes into creating great music- both the business and the technical.

The studio session can be one of the most exciting times in the creation of a project, where the fruits of pre-production can begin to be seen and where musical spontaneity can create a very special result.

The recording session is the stage where everything seems to happen, certainly in a capture sense. Artists, bands, session musicians, engineers, and producers all combine under one roof to create.

It is the point in the project where ideas become a reality and a “product” starts its life. The fact that the ideas and spontaneous moments become “committed to tape” at this stage can be an issue for some and this can often lead to tense and nervous environments in which to try to be creative.

Being able to create and inspire confidence within the recording session is a skill that all producers need to have in one guise or another. Once established in the industry, many producers may take this as a given; however, when first starting out down the rocky road of music production, the topic of creating and inspiring confidence may be a difficult one to grapple with.

So what do we mean by “confident creation”? One of the key factors here is believing in what you are doing. There’s no good in being involved with a project for which you lack enthusiasm and vision, as this will hinder your abilities to steer the project and inspire confidence in others.

It is sometimes surprising how saying nothing can be the loudest form of communication and, in the relative confines of a recording studio, body language can say an awful lot as to the true thoughts and feelings of the individuals involved.

This lack of enthusiasm and vision can occur for a variety of reasons, but many times it can be down to the fact that you simply do not really understand the project and therefore don’t believe in it. When we say “believe” we essentially mean that you are able to see, understand, and agree with the overall artistic vision and musical intentions of the project.

This is where the marriage of artist, project, and producer comes into play and the involvement of the right people for the job is of fundamental importance. Knowing when to accept the invitation to be involved with a recording or not can be a tricky call to make; any doubts need to be ironed out before commencing.

If not, you may find yourself in a very uncomfortable position further down the line when the stakes are considerably higher and you’re performing less confidently.

Your influence needs to be exuded not only to the artist and musicians involved but also to the artist’s management and A&R. It is worth bearing in mind that the artist’s management and A&R from the label are placing a considerable amount of trust in you and your abilities, and in some cases are entrusting their latest talent into your guiding hands.

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