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Group name: LNT

Names: T-Blaze, L.Joel

Location:617 Boston 603 New Hampshire

Genres: Rap, Hip Hop, 

Group Member: L.Joel

L.Joel attended SNHU, was born in Boston,MA on October 25, 1991. He has been writing since freshman year of high school and soon realized he had a unique flow in rap. Over the years L.Joel practiced the basic fundamentals of rap by listening to the greatest rappers  such as Nas, Biggie Smalls, Jay Z, and Big L. Senior year of high school L.Joel Met up with T-Blaze they both started writing miscellaneous raps together. Eventually the group posted their music on Facebook and gained  tons of positive feedback from listeners.

Group Member: T-Blaze

T-Blaze attended  SNHU, was born in Springfield, on May 16,1993. T-Blaze  has great knowledge of hip hop culture. His father has been a  music producer for K.I.R.P.P music  for many years. T-Blaze has been rapping since the age of six and he has accumulated of 100 songs over the years. While "Rapping" up his high school career he plans create more music with L.Joel in order to gain more popularity. T-Blaze makes his own beats and knows how to edit his own music for high quality purposes. As T-Blaze and L.Joel continued rapping together, they eventually became known as "Naos". Naos is aiming for the stars and will not stop until they are playing with the stars.(Literally) If there's any feedback that would like to be left please feel free to leave any feedback.