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Eric Lazerus Clay

BIO: Eric Lazerus Clay

 This powerful devoted singer/songwriter from Nashua,NH exhibits a strong passion for music.. His music portrays life and the
struggles that life brings..Being influenced by his 4th cousin the late Eddie Ruffin from the legendary "Temptations". Eric Lazerus Clay possesses a style and sound of the early R and B legends...
    In his early musical ventures he teamed up with Sherwood Alger to be featured on recording from the group "State of the Block".. While not recording and writing Eric has performed with
various local bands.. He also has done many solo performances at weddings and other social events..
     In 2012 Eric Lazerus Clay met producer/engineer Terence Lee at a event and discussed doing a solo recording project that would have that older R and B sound...

We are proud to announce the release of:

    "Grown Folks Music" Eric's first EP a collection of soulful dance tunes and sensual

Falling in Love
Grown Folks Finals (MP3 Finals)
This powerful and alluring singer/songwriter from Lowell, MA

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