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Beat Talk: Do You Need To Go To School To Become A Music Producer?

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Beat Making VS Music Producing
October 31, 2011 

There still seems to be a thin line in between beat making and music producing. However, they are two very different aspects of the creative process. Yet slightly different, when fused together they give rise to a very well rounded music producer. It is somewhat an evolutionary process similar to being a good cook and graduating to a great chef. Music producer being the latter.

Your either a beat maker, or a music producer…

The beat maker is usually how one starts out. He is the one who falls in love with the craft of constructing wicked drum patterns and adding the delicious melodic ingredients on top to add finishing to the cake. He has that desire inside of him to bang out more beats.

The beat maker is the one who will sit and make beat after beat every day. He is the jack of his trade. He knows how to put the illest loops together in seconds. He is well versed in meshing sounds together to create bangin’ tracks and dope ass beats. He will even go as far as taking his beat into “song mode” so that it is stretched out and formatted to be written and recorded to. He will make beats just for the simple fact that he loves to do it. He doesn’t have to fulfill a need outside of his desire to create a dope beat and make peoples heads nod. Even if he could just make his own head nod is enough. Or his mamma’s.

The beat maker is, in a sense, the “programmer” of music…

The music producer is the one who see’s the beat beyond it just being a dope instrumental. He goes in with the overall vision in mind. He see’s the song
from beginning to end outlined in his mind. He knows the true meaning of concepts and themes. He will probably relate it being a “movie” in his head.
He will describe sounds as shapes and colors. One who possesses this title can see the music as a product, whether it be a complete song to be shopped,
or a dope beat to be licensed or sold to an artist. Everything he creates has a purpose.

A music producer can hear someones beat and know exactly where that persons was “going” with it.  He has also probably acquired the skill of mixing and audio engineering as well; so that he is able to make the music sound and feel they exact way it is intended to. In so many words, he is the one who will take that hot beat and turn it into a hot song.

The music producer doesn’t even have to be a beat maker. Hell, he doesn’t even have to know how to play a musical instrument or anything. There are artist who are producers. Producers posses the ability to produce great music while at the same time being able to see their beats/songs as a potential product, and “produce” it as so.

He is in a sense the “director” of music…

The mere difference between the two can easily be compared to the differences between a screen play writer and a movie producer. This is just a brief differentiation between the beat maker and the producer.